About Us

Codemurray is an international management consultant company based in Lucerne, Switzerland. It is owned and represented by Patrick Murray as sole proprietor.

As Project Lead, Patrick works together with a professional network of industry experts to complete all tasks for full customer satisfaction.



Originally from the USA, Patrick has been living and working in Switzerland for almost thirty years and obtained dual citizenship in 2016.


In addition to English as a native language, he is fluent in German and competent in French.

Early Career

After graduating high school in the top 10 % of his class, Patrick began two years of concentrated military education to become an electronics technician in the nuclear field. The curriculum included electricity, electronics, mathematics, nuclear physics, chemistry, heat transfer and fluid flow, and practical application at a nuclear power training facility.

He served four years in the submarine service as a nuclear reactor operator responsible for reactor operations, testing, maintenance, training, safety, firefighting, and engineering documentation management.

With his knowledge, experience, and an honorable discharge from the military, Patrick moved into the commercial nuclear power industry in the same capacity at a 980 MW nuclear power plant.

Service Engineering

After 10 years of working in the nuclear power industry and two years of engineering and industrial management studies, he redirected his efforts towards service engineering and a more diversified industrial exposure. During this period he performed installations, startups, and maintenance of automated AC and DC drive systems in the oil, gas, solar power, and water purification industries.

The International Move

In 1991, Patrick was granted the opportunity to work for an international service engineering company near Lucerne, Switzerland where he began travelling the world performing production line startups for metal, paper, plastic, glass, and textile manufacturing companies.

Changing the Scope

Although international travel is exciting and wonderful, the high rate of 80% travel over many years was no longer desirable. Therefore, a scope change was initiated. Soon after, Patrick was hired by Roche Diagnostics (formerly Tegimenta AG) to develop and train their electronic service documentation.

Get the CODE

The four key ingredients for project success are:

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Documentation
  • Education

And, these are the ingredients that define Patrick’s experience. Throughout his career, every project has involved documenting and training both business, operational, testing, and maintenance processes.

Therefore, in July of 1999, Patrick founded TransDoc Systems Murray (aka Codemurray) and became an independent contractor helping other companies develop, maintain, and improve their business and operational processes.