We must proceed, we must develop, we must improve ourselves.

Codemurray helps customers analyze, develop, maintain, and improve their business and operational processes.

Get the right code!
Do you need documentation management support?

Codemurray has implemented hundreds of documents in multiple languages including quality manuals, compliance procedures, customer support systems, sales and marketing materials, work instructions, checklists, business templates, agreements, and more.

Do you need training system support?

Codemurray is highly skilled in training and presentation methods and has performed many corporate trainings and marketing presentations including topics such as quality, compliance, customer support, documentation management, records management, data security, and more.

Do you need an English expert? A liaison for the USA?

International travel and cultural experience combined with the ability to communicate clearly in multiple languages is a valuable link that Codemurray provides between the USA and other countries.

If you are ready to expand on the international market, we can help you.

Are you preparing for internal and external audits?

With our extensive quality management experience, Codemurray can help you identify areas for improvement as well as establish corrective and preventive actions which will result in successful audits.

Codemurray is your process management expert!

Contact us today to schedule an initial visit and find out how we can help your organization improve business and operational process efficiency for added value.

Our mission statement:

  • Identify, define, and complete tasks for full customer satisfaction
  • Document, train, and implement the customer’s business processes
  • Create, secure, and properly distribute the customer’s knowledge base
  • Deliver quality solutions for full compliance with required regulations
  • Remain technologically current through continuous learning